For some young gymnasts in the area, Ally Raisman’s performance in the Olympics Tuesday was especially inspiring.

“I don’t know what I’ve been told" about 70 kids chanted in response to their coach. "Ally Raisman’s good as gold!”

For the kids at Exxcel Gymnastics and Climbing in Newton, Ally Raisman is more than just an American Olympian. She’s on their team. Raisman grew up in Needham, and trained at the gym as a child. And the inspiring message in that hasn’t escaped young gymnasts like Caroline Clark.

“It seems like if she can do it, and she came from this gym, that maybe I can get there someday,” Clark said.

The young gymnasts sat on mats Tuesday, staring at a projection of the live floor exercise competition in Rio. They cheered for American Simone Biles, but they exploded as Raisman took her turn. As Raisman began her stunning routine, some of kids nervously hugged each other as they took in each spectacular flip.

Tatiana Kamarskaya is a part owner of the gym, and trained Raisman starting when she was just about two years old.

“It’s inspiring very much for the kids," she said. "But also for the coaches. For the town of Needham. It’s just amazing.”

In the end, Raisman's performance was enough to earn her a silver medal, and the adoration of teammates and possibly some future Olympians from back home.

“She was incredible,” one of the gymnasts said. "I love her," said another.