It's a story that rivals Ocean's 11, it's known as the Bonded Vault heist, one of the biggest, yet least-known robberies in United States history. 41 years ago this week, on August 14th, 1975, eight men broke into nearly 150 safe deposit boxes. The crew took off with duffel bags full of money, gold, silver, jewels and more. At the time, police valued the take around three or four million. But it turns out it was more than 30 million, the equivalent of 120 to 140 million by today's standards, making it the largest single payday in northeast criminal history.

The story is the subject of the new book: ‘The Last Good Heist: The Inside Story of the Biggest Single Payday in the Criminal History of the Northeast,’ written by investigative journalist Tim White (@TimWhiteRI). White joined Jim on Wednesday night to discuss the book, and the story behind it. White's father reported on the story, and he said as a kid, he was fascinated by these mob stories. During the heist, 148 safe deposit boxes were robbed, in the heart of a fur store. "Who's going to rob the mob?" said White, as to why the heist was so successful. As for organized crime in New England today, White said that "it's a shell of what it once was."