Less than 24 hours after 35-year-old Jorge Zambrano allegedly shot and killed an Auburn police office, Zambrano was himself killed by police after a multi-hour standoff in neighboring Oxford, Mass.

After 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, police said Zambrano fatally shot officer Ronald Tarentino during a routine traffic stop. Tarentino, 42, was a married father of three. He had served three years with the Auburn police after transferring to the force from Leicester.

In the wake of Tarentino’s death, Massachusetts State Police and neighboring authorities mounted an intense dragnet that ended with the suspect cornered in an Oxford duplex.

According to police accounts, Zambrano had been boxed into a bedroom closet in the apartment, and came out shooting before being felled by police fire.

During the gun battle, a yet-to-be-identified State Trooper with 18 years of service to his credit was shot in the shoulder. The wound was not considered life threatening.