“I mean it would be great to get 350,000 but I think we can flex up to 450 if it was perfect," Holloway says.

Ross says a quaint house like the one they are visiting may work.  

“The listing price for this house is $339,900 and it’s a cape with 6 rooms 3 bedrooms and one bath.”

Ross says she has sold many homes on this block to first time homebuyers—because of price and the neighborhood.

“There’s all little neighborhoods here and the street has about 12 houses on it. The market right now is a seller’s market it's tough," says Ross.

Ross says that’s why knowing what you want is key.

The price range of this cape works but it’s not Angela Holloway’s style, with small rooms and a kitchen that would need to be re-done. As a first timer there are things she is willing to go without.

“A nice bathroom--it would be great to have a nice bathroom--but I can redo that. Even the kitchen if it’s a huge kitchen and has some good bones…I can redo the kitchen. I’m a little flexible.”

Ross says it’s great to be flexible, but she recommends first time homebuyers stand firm on price, and try to stay in the 300 range. They should be prepared for repairs and upgrades, but most importantly have cash.

“You need to have some money put aside, you need to have expectations of what you want and what you can actually afford.”

They looked at another house a little further away, it’s bigger…and more expensive. Too much for Holloway.

“If this house costs a little bit less and it and it was in a nicer neighborhood then maybe but theres too many ticks against It the neighborhood the street," says Holloway.

Holloway says after looking at her first two houses, she’s a little more concerned about whether she’ll actually find what she wants and can afford.

“I think its going be hard to find a place. I think its going take looking at a lot of them, and I mean I have to be quick if I find something.”

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