"Making A Murderer" attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting joined Jim for a Conversation On Justice at Berklee to talk about the case of convicted murderer Steven Avery. 

Jim asked the attorneys if they believe that Steven Avery is innocent. Strang responded that it was the wrong question. "What I believe doesn't really matter," he said. "I have a strong suspicion that he's innocent. But it doesn't matter what I think. I'm an advocate. I am expected to be biased." 

Buting agreed. "It's between God and Steven Avery, and no one else knows." They both agreed that the evidence presented in the case didn't prove Steven Avery's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

They discussed the police's role in the case. Strang said he doesn't believe the police had any role in the killing of Teresa Halbach, but he said that the police focused their case against Steven Avery. They also discussed their inability to use a third party defense.

You can see Jim's in-depth, backstage interview with Strang and Buting here.