GE's big move to Boston, their 50 million dollar philanthropic commitment and the tens of millions they're getting back from the city and state. Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce CEO,  Jim Rooney ( @Boston_Rooney), and The Boston Globe Business Reporter Jon Chesto ( @jonchesto) discuss.

Can a city or town tax part of the property owned by a religious institution? Billions of dollars are at stake. Reverend  Laura Everett( @RevEverett) and WGBH Legal Analyst Daniel Medwed ( @danielmedwed) discuss. 

WGBH's  Adam Reilly ( @reillyadam) goes behind the scenes of the ongoing excavation at Malcom X's boyhood home in Boston. 

And why Jim believes it's time for Boston to follow in Philadelphia's footsteps when it comes to food and taxes.