Public school students from around Boston staged a protest against likely cuts to the city’s school budget Monday.

What looked like at least a thousand public school students ditched class and gathered at the gazebo in Boston Common holding signs criticizing cuts to their schools. They came from all over the city.

“Is anybody here from Charlestown?” a student yelled into a megaphone to cheers from many in the crowd.

Boston Arts Academy student Bryanna Salas-Solis said they’ve already seen cuts at her school.

“They took away one Spanish class," she said. "This is their last year. And American Sign Language – Boston Arts Academy is the only school that teaches American Sign Language. And we’re losing it this year as well.”

And she said they’re worried there will be more cuts. Her classmate, Valeria Gerena, said she doesn’t want to see reductions to already limited special education programs.

“And with even more cuts the chances for kids with special needs are going to be lower to succeed in life.”

There was an almost celebratory tone to the protest as students jumped up and down chanting, “We are the students! The mighty mighty students!”

Boston School Superintendent Tommy Chang recently proposed cutting $20 million from the central office budget. He also proposed trimming $10 million to $12 million from the per-student funding formula, which affects the budgets of individual schools.

In a written statement, a spokesman for Boston Public Schools said they encourage student activism and advocacy, but can’t condone skipping class.