Cambridge native Jimmy Tingle injects his humor into the 2016 Presidential race in ways none of the presidential candidates can while on the campaign trail.

Tingle appeared in New Hampshire to enlightened voters in the First in the Nation Primary and to review his satirical campaign platform, which he refers to as the “Humor for Humanity” party.

The 60-year old comedian zeros in on this year’s political race, offering up his own presidential platform. Tingle tells WGBH Morning Edition host Bob Seay that he’s running a positive campaign because he’s tired of all the “doom and gloom.”

American’s are living longer and healthier lives than ever before says Tingle. The comedian runs through a liberal dose of what an audience can expect during one of his one-man show performances; “60 is the new 40, I love that, 80 is the new 60, I love that too, 100 is the new 80 and the afterlife is the new assisted living.”   Tingle says his comedy and his campaign focuses on the positive side of things.

During a LIVE interview with Seay on WGBH primary day in New Hampshire…Tingle expands on his “presidential” platform “Humor for Humanity,” by saying his campaign is, “more than entertainment, raising sprits funds and awareness for non-profits, charities, and social causes. Our mission is their mission …humor for humanity. Humor in helping, in healing and hope.”


To listen to Comedian Jimmy Tingle’s entire interview with host Bob Seay click on the audio file above.