Purple Alien OG, Sour Diesel, Cheeba Chews...
These were just some of the names and terms a group of Massachusetts senators were introduced to last week when they visited Colorado to find out more about how the legalization of recreational marijuana is working there, and might work here. They visited dispensaries, talked to law enforcement officials, public health experts and others to prepare themselves for some of the issues that could come up if Massachusetts voters say "yes" to legalization this November. 

Colorado is one of four states, plus DC in which it's legal to buy marijuana. The others are Alaska, Oregon and Washington.
Rhode Island and Vermont are looking at legislative measures to legalize. And Massachusetts is one of six states where voters are likely to decide the issue later this year.

Senator Michael Rodrigues (@SenRodrigues) and Senator Jason Lewis (@SenJasonLewis ) discuss their trip to Colorado, and the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts.