Ski resorts in the region are hoping the sudden turn towards winter weather will improve what’s so far been a dismal season for them.

The snow makers are going at full steam at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton. This winter’s warm weather means just three trails are open so far. But snowboarder Ricky Belanger says that’s not so bad for him.

“So it’s good, you got the whole trail to yourself, you know. The whole mountain," he said.

But those scarcely populated slopes are bad news for David Crowley. He's the general manager of Wachusett.

“We’re probably down about 20 percent over a regular year," said Crowley. "We probably have 25,000 skier visits that we’ll never get back. So it’s pretty tough. We’re just hoping that it becomes winter and stays winter."

Crowley says this week between Christmas and New Years is usually an important one for them. But he points out last year's record-breaking snowfall started later in January, so he's still hoping for a good season on the slopes.