Rep. Michael Capuano (@mikecapuano), a longtime member of the House transportation and infrastructure committee, joined Jim on Monday night to talk about the fate of the Green Line extension, as well as the Paris climate deal and, of course, Donald Trump.

On the Green Line extension, Capuano said, "I'm confident something will happen. This is a legally binding agreement."

Capuano showed similar optimism for the Paris climate deal. "It's a step in the right direction.” But he did express that more can be done, adding, "there's still a lot to do." 

Capuano compared Donald Trump's success to the success of WWE and other entertainment fighting leagues. Speaking about his current poll numbers, Capuano said, "If he's at that number (41%) for any length of time, I'll get nervous."

On Sal DiMasi's plight, Capuano said, "I think compassionate release is over due."