The past 24 hour’s headlines have not been kind to the MBTA.

With phrases like “no handle on cost," “plagued with problems” and simply put: “the T got snookered” —and that's just about the green line extension.

Then there’s that $7 billion dollar maintenance backlog, a plan to end late night service and means-test all other fares.

And soon comes the snow, again. Will the T be better prepared this year?

As winter approaches, Former Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Jim Aloisi (@JimAloisi) and Former Romney Policy Director Charles Chieppo take on the latest hard-to-believe troubles at the “T.”

"I'm a little bit appalled that the problem has become as serious as it is," said Aloisi. "It's a complicated project, but there's no excuse for people dropping the ball."

On means-testing, Chieppo said, "I just think this idea of providing economic growth is so important."

"This is a basic purpose of why we have the T."