Five years ago this month, an Easton, Massachusetts student, Danroy “DJ” Henry, was fatally shot by a policeman under questionable circumstances in Westchester County, New York. Over the weekend hundreds attended an event in Boston’s Seaport District in memory of “DJ” Henry.

The killing of DJ Henry has always been controversial: A black college student athlete fatally shot by a white policeman. The DJ Dream Fund—created in his name— provides uniforms and sports equipment for children who cannot afford them, and Saturday’s 5th annual event at the Renaissance Hotel raised a record amount said event founder, Angela Henry:

“Over a hundred thousand dollars, the largest we’ve ever raised in one night.”

Governor Charlie Baker spoke at the event and his comments were summed up by DJ’s father, Dan.

“As the governor said, what happened to our son can happen to anybody. That’s the reality. What happened to our son was so egregious that it could have happened to anybody and shouldn’t be something that would happen to anybody.”

Unlike other cases of unarmed black men killed by police and cited by Black Lives Matter, this one has attracted supporters across the political spectrum.

“You know there’s a lot of stiff that goes on that is divisive. I think this is a place where people can unify.”

A federal civil law suit against the policeman who shot Henry is expected to go to court in 2017 in NY State.