A new ordinance banning the use of chewing tobacco at parks in the city - including Fenway Park – affects more than just fans. Chewing is not allowed in the Red Sox dugout or on the field.

The idea behind the city ordinance was that kids tend to copy whatever they see their heroes on the ball field do.  And after Wednesday night’s game, Red Sox interim manager Torey Lovullo said the team fully supports the ban on chewing tobacco.

“I think, overall, Major League Baseball wants to kind of set the tone and do things for the young children,” says Lovullo.

Lovullo says the team’s working on educating players about tobacco use.

“You know there are people who are users, and it’s there decision if they want to continue to do so,” he says. “But we let them know the side effects and the dangers and let them go from there.”

The fine for violating the ordinance is $250. It will go into effect in time for next season. Boston is the second city, after San Francisco, to ban smokeless tobacco from its baseball stadiums.- See more at: http://test-wgbh-news.pantheon.io/node/100#sthash.oIzXisCU.dpuf