A bypass road in South Boston that previously had been open only to commercial traffic will be available to morning commuters starting Monday, according to the state Department of Transportation.
The South Boston Bypass Road runs from I-93 to the harbor, and until now wasn’t open to people commuting to the convention center and growing innovation district. Starting Monday, it will be open going just in that direction from 6 to 10am. The change has raised concern about backups from truckers who rely on that road to get goods between the harbor and highways.

According to Tim Tinlin, who runs the MassDOT highway division: “This area has taken off in a way that I think, you know, people could have only dreamed of, right? And it’s expanding a lot quicker than a lot of people had anticipated. So we’re all in this together. You know, I think some of the truckers we talked to realize, yep, they benefit by better traffic flow in and out of this area as do anybody else.”
Some H-O-V lanes on 93 will be opened up regardless of the number of passengers, in an effort to speed the path to Logan, so those drivers aren’t tempted to jump on the bypass road as well.