WGBH News has learned that the state department of transportation will announce Wednesday that a South Boston road reserved for commercial traffic will open to morning commuters for a six-month trial. The move is controversial with truckers who use the road.
The South Boston Bypass road connects the Southie waterfront to I-93. Until now, it’s been open just to commercial traffic, but a memo from state traffic officials says starting next Monday, it will be opened to morning commuters, just heading east, easing the commute to the innovation district and convention center.

Unrestricted access will be allowed in both directions at all times near the Convention Center between Richards Street and Cypher Street. The move has been met with concern from some in the trucking industry, who worry that even a limited opening could jam up traffic on a road that truckers rely on to get goods from the harbor to the highways.  They say backups on the bypass road could lead to truckers seeking alternate routes through Southie neighborhoods.