Stand Out DebateFox News’s Republican presidential debate last night was the political AND the media story of the week. Instead of letting New Hampshire and Iowa play kingmaker, Fox did it on its own—giving the top ten candidates a prime-time slot and relegating the rest of the field to a separate event starting hours earlier. It was a risk—and it paid off, big time. 

Who Killed Boston 2024?: Have you noticed there’s really not much in the news these days. If it weren’t for poor Cecil the Lion, there would be nothing to be outraged about. That’s because Boston 2024 is gone, dead, killed off — so who’s to blame for that?

An Innocent Man?Ever since Deflategate broke in January of this year the media has been tough on the Patriots and Tom Brady in particular. But now with the release of thousands of Brady emails and the transcript of his June hearing before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, there appears to be a ray of light poking through the tidal wave.

Restricted ReportingThe Koch brothers are a political force — deep-pocketed conservatives whose backing could boost any of the many Republicans seeking the White House. Recently, they called five of those candidates to a private retreat in California. And while some journalists were allowed to watch, they had to accept some stringent ground rules first. 

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