Mayor Marty Walsh is rearranging his cabinet in the hopes of improving Boston's transportation systems and streets.

Chris Osgood will soon formally take over as Walsh's top transportation and city works aide. Under the cabinet-level title "Chief of Streets," Osgood will be in charge of both the Transportation and Public works departments and will head up the city's initiative to improve mobility for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and transit riders.

He describes his new role as taking innovation to the city's streets and making sure the departments under his oversight collaborate effectively — "to think about how data and technology and design and entrepreneurs outside this building and entrepreneurs inside this building can help address some of the challenges and take advantage of some of the opportunities that the city has."

Osgood co-founded the Office of New Urban Mechanics under former mayor Tom Menino — the arm of city hall dedicated to new techniques and efficiency. He starts as chief of streets August 24.

With congestion worsening, bridges under construction and a possible new casino in Everett changing traffic in Boston, Walsh and Osgood have their work cut out for them.