The MBTA’s Orange Line has a new benefactor: Wynn Resorts.

The company, which plans to build a casino in Everett, has agreed to pay more than 7 million dollars over 15 years to improve T service on the line.

The MBTA had asked Wynn to subsidize service on the Orange Line, which has three stations near the proposed casino site in Everett. The line is already over capacity and is expected to see increased ridership if and when the Everett casino opens. Chris Gordon is the development director for the casino. He says it would be the first time a private developer subsidized Boston’s subway system.

“Usually, if you’re a big new development or you’re the Red Sox or something like that where there’s peak times when people have more trains, usually that cost is absorbed by the MBTA system. This is the first time that a developer is actually saying we’ll help –we’ll absorb the cost of those trains, because we want to make sure people use them.”

The payments would begin once the casino opens, which is slated for 2018. They’d pay for increased service during peak hours and extended late night service during the week.