Boston 2024 released what it called an unedited and unredacted version on Friday of the bid they submitted to the U.S. Olympic Committee in December. The newly released bid includes details not in the version they released to the public in January.

When Boston 2024 first bid for the Olympics, they acknowledged in their bid that an opposition group, No Boston Olympics, had formed that was against bringing the games to Boston. But that part wasn’t in the version of the bid previously released to the public. The head of that group, Chris Dempsey, pointed to another difference between the private and public versions of their bid.

“They represented to the public that there would be a surplus or at least break even in the operating budget, and instead what you see in the unredacted, complete version is that they were projecting a deficit.”

The unredacted bid says the group needed to find an additional $471 million in revenue to support the games, and that it was trying to figure out how to fill that gap. A statement from Boston 2024 chairman Steve Pagliuca says that bid wasn’t meant to be final and points out they’ve since released an updated plan. That document claims a $210 million surplus in its operating budget.