Gov. Charlie Baker is denying a report that the U.S. Olympic Committee has asked him to make an up or down decision today on whether he supports Boston's bid to host the 2024 Games.

Baker and his staff denied any knowledge that the USOC asked the governor to decide now if he backs the Olympic bid.

Baker says he's sticking to his decision to only make up his mind after the consulting firm he and Legislative leaders hired makes a full report on the current bid.

"The simple truth of the matter is that this is a 10-year decision, and I wouldn't be doing the taxpayers, and the speaker and senate president wouldn't be doing the taxpayers, or the city of Boston or the Olympics or anybody else, any favors if we made this decision with anything less than the full report from the Brattle Group," Baker said.

Baker says he'll speak again with the USOC on Monday but won't make any final decision until the report comes out in August.