Ashley Madison – Hackers are threatening to out millions of customers of the website that promotes extramarital affairs. How should the media handle such disclosures? When are an individual’s sexual indiscretions newsworthy?

Planned Parenthood – Some news outlets seemed dismissive of the troubling questions raised by the Planned Parenthood sting by focusing on the group that produced the videos or covering it as a political dispute. Is the press dodging a difficult issue?   

MSNBCAfter years of dismal ratings, NBC seems poised to give MSNBC a complete makeover including a shift back to straight news. But is there still a market for cable news?

Rants & Raves– Northeastern University's  Dan Kennedy  ( @dankennedy_nu), WBZ's  Jon Keller( @kelleratlarge), The Boston Globe's  Joanna Weiss( @JoannaWeiss) and WGBH News'  Callie Crossley( @CallieCrossley) share their media hits and misses for the week.