• John Kingphones in to update us on the CNN debates, and other news from the 2016 tour de force.
  • We speak to you about Nancy Pelosi's call to lower the voting age to 17.
  • Matt Viserjoins us to share stories from Vienna and to outline how, from the rice krispie treats and twizzlers to the endless hours of negotiations, the Iran deal was actually crafted.
  • Congressman Richard Nealdiscusses everything from federal funding on the Olympics to what's next for Springfield.
  • Mark Leibovichshares reporting behind Re-Re-Re-Reintroducing Hilary Clinton, and what her next moves might be.
  • Darla Neugebauer, owner of a diner in Maine told a 21-month old child to stop the crying, her parents weren't happy. We see what do you think.
  • Anthony Amore is the Director of Security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and he’s charged with the recovery of the thirteen works of art stolen from the museum. We see what he thinks.