“Feel the Bern.” That’s the catchphrase favored by supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders—from Twitter to T-shirts.

And last night in Dewey Square, where the group Boston for Bernie held a rally that drew about 400 people, there were moments where the Bern felt downright soothing.

It also felt a lot like Occupy Boston, which took over Dewey Square back in 2011. Boston for Bernie is an offshoot of the national group People for Bernie, which is run by Occupy alums. And for some of the people who were there last night, Sanders’ presidential campaign picks up right where Occupy left off.

"I want my students graduating from university without debt. When big corporations violate our rights, the leaders of those corporations should go to jail," said Sander's supporter, Bill Lewis. "When Bernie got up there and started talking about these things, I said, 'S**t, I’m supportin’ that dude!'”

Also at the rally: people who see Sanders as part politician and part family member.

"I’ve known Bernie since I was at least eight years old, at least the name, I don’t know him personally," said Boston for Bernie activist Anna Lidofsky. "He’s a man of the people. I think he speaks for the everyday, average American."

For the record, she’s also a fan of Elizabeth Warren. A lot of the Bostonians for Bernie are, actually.  

"I’ve always been a Warren fan, I’ve also always been a Bernie fan, and I’ve said in my own mind that I could vote for either one," said Boston for Bernie activist Scott Harrison

Of course, as she repeatedly told us, Warren isn’t running for president. But Hillary Clinton is, and on Dewey Square, she was persona non grata.

And then there were the people who want to give the world as a whole an extreme makeover.

Whether that mix of idealism and anger can push Sanders to the Democratic nomination is debatable. But in a way, Sanders has already given his supporters a victory. After years of feeling marginalized, a candidate for the White House is saying that their priorities should guide the country.