SCOTUS Ruling – The U.S. Supreme Court made history today, deciding that no state has the right to ban same-sex marriage. It's the culmination of a remarkable shift over the past decade, in courtrooms, state capitals, public opinion, and the media.

Media Criticism– One of the most poignant moments at the sentencing of Dzokhar Tsarnaev this week came from the sister of slain MIT police officer Sean Collier. She spoke in personal terms about his loss and what it's done to her life. But along with that, she delivered a very pointed criticism of the news media. 

N-word No word is arguably more taboo in America than the n-word. It is so loaded and loathed that any journalist uses it at their peril. So when President Obama recently used the word in a radio interview, editors were in a quandary, whether to quote the president verbatim, or not. 

Bad Look?When the Associated Press covers an event, they send a photographer and then offer up an array of photographs for news organizations to choose from. that's what they did this week when presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared at an Iowa gun shop for a second amendment celebration. 

Rants and Raves– Northeastern University's  Dan Kennedy  ( @dankennedy_nu), WGBH's  Callie Crossley( @CallieCrossley), The Boston Globe's Farah Stockman ( @fstockman), and WGBH's  Adam Reilly (@reillyadam) share their media hits and misses for the week.