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Members of a notorious criminal gang were arrested today in a major federal, state and local drug trafficking bust in the Boston area.

The Columbia Point Dawgs is what they called themselves—a syndicate made up of four families working out of Dorchester’s neighborhood on the harbor. But law enforcement says their tentacles reached all the way into Texas, Florida and Georgia. In an early morning surprise raid the Dawgs were swept up by legions of law enforcement officials.

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz says “We are here to announce the unsealing of six indictments and the execution of 27 federal search warrants in Boston and surrounding areas that have yielded 31 guns, 15 vehicles, a variety of different narcotics, 1.5 million dollars in cash.”

Of the 48 warrants, 41 of the alleged drug traffickers are in custody. Two have been in touch with law enforcement. Five are considered fugitives. The FBI said that the Columbia Point Dawgs were major players fueling the state’s heroin and opiate epidemic. The question now is will another criminal group step in to replace them on the streets.