Four hundred of the world’s greatest tennis players, together on the courts of ... Dorchester. It’s Boston 2024’s vision, and they say they’re willing to spend up to $37 million dollars to build gleaming new courts and 3 stadiums, one of which would be permanent.

Boston 2024 Summer Olympic committee continues to roll out its revised bid — announcing their new vision on Thursday for tennis in Harambee Park in Dorchester. In a quiet, open tennis court in the 45-acre park, Boston 2024 organizers and tennis pros spoke of their shared vision for bringing the world’s best players here.

“To be able to bring people and business into the community, that’s good for the businesses, obviously, in and around the park," said Boston 2024 CEO Rich Davey. "But more importantly, to continue to invest in our youth in Boston."

Toni Wiley, director of the Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center here, where more than 5,000 Boston students learn to play. She and Boston 2024 organizers say this part of the city needs this investment.

“What would be so exciting for us would be to have our youth, the youth of Greater Boston and of New England, be able to come out in their own neighborhoods, whether that’s Dorchester or Fall River or wherever they are, and see individuals striving to be their very best," Wiley said.

The tennis site is one of the final venue proposals in the group’s revised bid, expected in full by the end of the month. Tennis was originally proposed at Harvard but Boston 2024 organizers changed their minds after community input.