• The same day that the NSA lost its authority to collect the phone records, the FBI and the Boston Police department intercepted a suspected terrorist in Roslindale. We check in with you to get your take on surveillance.
  • Brian McGrorydials us up to dial us in about CEO salaries, the Beverly Scott emails, and Boston 2024's shady shenanigans.  [30:00]
  • Congressman Mike Capuanojoins us to discuss Edward Snowden's comments about the PATRIOT Act, and his take on Boston 2024's deceptions.>>Read more here. [53:08]
  • Juliette Kayyemserves up some alphabet soup, she takes on the NSA, TSA, JTTF, and H1N2. >>Read more here. [1:17:27]
  • Sue O'Connell gives us her take on Caitlyn Jenner, and homosexuality in the animal kingdom.  [1:42:52]
  • 'Hey you've reached Boston Public Radio, leave us a message about voicemail.' Is voicemail a fine art, or an ancient relic? [2:04:24]
  • Author and screenwriter Ben Mezrichstops by to talk about his compelling new book Once Upon a Time in Russia: The Rise of the Oligarchs, A True Story of Ambition, Wealth, Betrayal, and Murder, which he manages to remember the name of. >>Read more here. [2:18:58]