Lawrence Lessig talks the Patriot Act, and responds to Rand Paul's latest comments on the government's role in surveillance.

Lessig believes that "most Americans have a false choice in their mind. Either we protect privacy, or we are facing terrorists...It isn't an either or a choice. There are ways that we can be building the infrastructure of surveillance that actually would be protecting privacy in a very fundamental way but give the government a better opportunity to identify risks that they need to go after. And we need to be pushing the government to do that, rather than this very simple binary choice of well, we're either going to have terrorists or we're going to have protection of privacy." 

On campaign finance, Lessig called the system, "just crazy." He continued, "It's a green primary. You have this system, this process, where we select the candidates on the basis of who raises the most money or who raises money to be credible. But they're not raising money from all of us. They're raising money from the tinniest fraction of the 1% of us. So that excludes the average American from this first stage of the election process, in a way that fundamentally effects what congress cares about and what congress does."

In New Hampshire, Republican Jim Rubens has proposed the idea of giving every voter a fifty dollar voucher to fund campaigns. 

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