• Jim and Margery talked about the results of a new Suffolk University poll. Fifty-eight percent of respondents said they prefer Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev receive life in prison. However, more people (47 to 44.8 percent) said they could cast the deciding vote to sentence him to death, if it came down to it.
  • Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory talked about Globe opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury winning a Pulitzer Prize for her series "Service Not Included." (Starts at 27:36)
  • Juliette Kayyem — host of WGBH News' Security Mom podcast — talked about ongoing military operations in Yemen, the sinking of a boat full of migrants bound for Italy, and a brazen landing of a gyrocopter on the National Mall. (Starts at 53:08)
  • Medical ethicist Art Caplan once again addressed the constant dressing-down of Dr. Mehmet Oz, and the abuse of ADHD drugs by adults. Afterwards, Jim and Margery asked listeners whether they used ADHD medicine for a competitive advantage. Art Caplan is head of the division of medical ethics at New York University's Langone Medical Center. (Starts at 1:19:00)
  • Novelist T.C. Boyle is the author of books like The Tortilla Curtain and World's End. Now he's out with a new one — The Harder They Come — about a man with schizophrenia, his Vietnam vet father, and his radical girlfriend. He joined Jim and Margery in Studio Three. (Starts at 1:42:24)
  • Bay Windows and South End News co-publisher Sue O'Connell talked about a dust-up between Congressman Barney Frank and New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. (Starts at 2:28:00)