Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has joined with eight other attorneys general to ask the US Department of Education to forgive the school loans of students enrolled at a for-profit college chain. 

Healey and the other attorneys general sent a letter to the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The letter asks his department to relieve Corinthian College students of their obligation to repay their federal student loans.  

Here's Healey:

"We’re talking about particularly vulnerable students ---  Single parents, veterans, service members --- who were marketed to, prayed on, with high pressure sales tactics by a for profit school, who are now stuck with boatloads of non-dischargeable debt.”

About 100 Corinthian students are refusing to pay back their federal loans.  The Education Department has the authority to write off loans immediately when a college violates a student’s rights.

The Education department, made no comment on Healey's letter other than to acknowledge its receipt.