While Massachusetts state lawmakers are mulling a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, Attorney General Maura Healey is publicly lobbying against the idea.

Healey told Boston Herald Radio she’s talked to attorneys general in Colorado and Washington state, where pot is legal.

“I will tell you they have not seen a drop in illegal drug trafficking," she said. "They see a lot of people coming in from other states to buy vast amounts and traffic it out."

Under Massachusetts law, people caught with up to one ounce of pot can be fined, but not arrested. And medical marijuana was approved in 2012. State Senator Jamie Eldridge supports full legalization.

"Any time you make a product illegal, you're going to increase the chance that criminal activity could lead to violence, and I think legalizing marijuana would move away from that," Eldridge said.

Eldridge has signed on to a bill that would legalize marijuana. At the same time, pro-marijuana advocates are working on a petition to put the question to voters next year.