It may come as no surprise that snow from this winter's storms is negatively impacting businesses, as employees are unable to get to work; deliveries are getting delayed; among other issues.

The results of a new survey show staggering losses for businesses throughout Massachusetts. 

According to findings by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), each snow day amounts to a nearly 250 million dollar loss to the Massachusetts economy.

"As part of a project to try and put at at least a pretty good estimate on the dollar losses. We're working with the Baker administration, which... is trying to secure some federal disaster assistance. So obviously, to the degree to which we can actually put a good number to the business losses, that's going to help the administration down in D.C.," said Christopher Geehern, Executive Vice President Marketing & Communication of Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

AIM is currently also evaluating losses by businesses in the Boston area. 

You can listen to the full interview above.