As the region faces two more snowstorms, one of the hardest-hit communities is taking extra measures to get residents to clear off sidewalks.

Worcester says it's gotten many complaints from elderly and disabled residents who can't get around. So the city is putting people on notice, and letting them know they'll be fined if they don't clear off their sidewalks.

Worcester's sidewalk ordinance requires property owners or renters to create at least a four-foot-wide path within 10 hours of when the snow stopped falling. The city's extending that deadline to 40 hours, because of the amount of snow that fell, and because plows knocked snow back into some sidewalks that had already been cleared.

City Manager Ed Augustus says he apologizes to anyone who had to shovel more than once.

"People are going to be exhausted — they're exhausted from just dealing with the storm, the aftermath. But can students walk safely to the bus stops, walk to school and not be forced into the roads — that really is the primary concern."

Residents who don't clean off their sidewalks face a fine of $75 a day.