1.  From Pennsylvania to Maine, all Northeast states have declared a state of emergency – except Vermont.

2.  The blizzard – essentially a hurricane with snow – has hit farther East than first forecast. The Hudson River valley had been expected to receive the worst, but central Massachusetts appears to be bearing its brunt. As the day progresses, it’s clear that New England will be hardest hit.

3.  New York City has downgraded from a blizzard warning to a snow emergency. Still, the storm is severe and the city’s subway system, like Boston’s, is shut down.

4. As of 6 am, 10,000 in Massachusetts are reported to be without power. Duxbury has been hard hit with 2,000 households without electricity. 

5. It’s 15 degrees, but high winds make it feel colder.

6. Plymouth has received 16 inches of snow, Boston 11.

7. Meteorologists say the snow will continue throughout the day, tapering off early Wednesday.

8. Officials are preparing for coastal flooding. In Boston, Morrissey Blvd. is closed. (Officials hope to reopen Morrissey at 7:30 am) The next high tide is at 4:58 pm in and around Boston. 

9. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh reports that 131 cars were towed as a result of the snow emergency.

10. Governor Charlie Baker will give the first briefing of the day at 7 am from the Framingham bunker.