Bob DeLeo sailed to a fourth term as speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives Wednesday, joining new Senate President Stan Rosenberg in presiding over the 189th session of the Massachusetts General Court. The day was dominated by ceremony.

Wednesday morning, the hundred-plus Democratic super-majority in the House met in a basement auditorium. There they unanimously nominated Robert DeLeo for speaker of the house. But not before three lawmakers delivered tributes to their leader.

Rep. RoseLee Vincent of Revere got the love-fest started.

“Bob Deleo has never forgotten his blue color roots, his friends and neighbors," Vincent said. "He’s not 'Mr. Speaker,' he’s 'Bob' or 'Bobby,' the slaps on the back the hugs and kisses.”

Sure enough, DeLeo hugged and kissed everybody — well, it seemed like everybody — as he made his way to the podium to accept the nomination.

“Thank you so much," he said. "To all the members of the news media in here, welcome. I just want to say all of the speeches relative to the nomination will be available to you if you want to print them in their entirety."

Down the hall, in a meeting behind closed doors, Senate Democrats unanimously picked their new leader. Stan Rosenberg takes over from Therese Murray as Senate president.

Later, in the Senate chamber, Rosenberg pledged to work in a collaborative way with Republican governor-elect Charlie Baker.

"We will have our differences but it is neither our job nor our inclination to obstruct him for obstruction’s sake," Rosenberg said. "Now it’s time to get to work together.”

Rosenberg promised to tackle unemployment, workforce shortages and a general lack of opportunity.

The members of both chambers were sworn in and spilled into the marble halls to join their families for lunch.