Treasurer Steve Grossman supports his successor Deb Goldberg's plan to establish a non-partisan agency to conduct reviews on the state budget, he said on Boston Public Radio Tuesday.

"I think having an independent agency that takes a look at budgets and budget proposals and expresses a strong opinion about them, pro or con, is a good way to create more transparency in government," Grossman said.

The proposed agency would conduct independent cost evaluations of legislation, similar to those conducted by the Congressional Budget Office on the federal level. Goldberg has since expressed skepticism that plans for the office would make it through the legislature.

"Whether it ever sees the light of day, I can't tell," Grossman continued. "But I'm convinced that's exactly the kind of work that can improve and increase transparency and accountability, which every citizen in this state wants and deserves," he said.

Grossman also praised Governor-Elect Charlie Baker, pointing to his cabinet appointees and past experience in the Weld and Cellucci administrations as signs he is ready to assume office.

"I don't think there's been a governor ever elected who's been better prepared on the day he was sworn in than Charlie Baker," he said.

To hear more from Treasurer Steve Grossman, tune in to the full interview on Boston Public Radio above.