Around the holidays, we hear many stories of giving and generosity. And this holiday season, a teacher at a low-income, high-risk elementary school in Dorchester is giving back to her students in a big way. 

Nicole "Nikki" Bollerman, a teacher at UP Academy in Dorchester, submitted a picture of her students in the #WishForOthers contest - sponsored by Capital One - making a wish that all of her third-graders receive books to take home over break.

The 26-year-old won the contest, securing a book for each child in her third grade class. 

But that's not all.

Bollerman also won  a $150,000 prize by writing an essay about her students. 

"I wrote about how every day kids show... grit, teamwork, integrity, respect and engagement. It... was very short but about how wonderful... how great they are..." she told WGBH News.

Although the prize is hers to claim, she says she's giving the funds -- in their entirety -- back to the school. 

"I feel like there was almost no other decision in my mind. I made the wish for the kids and the kids are my favorite people so... that's where I really wanted the money to go," Bollerman said. 

Although she's not sure precisely how the funds will be used, she says one of her ideas is to use some of the money to improve computer literacy among her students by purchasing computers and putting a coding program in place at the school. 

You can listen to the full interview with Nicole "Nikki" Bollerman above.