It's been a week full of developments for the city's homeless, with Mayor Marty Walsh announcing a new site to replace beds of the shuttered Long Island shelter and an announcement about the city's new task force on individual homelessness, aimed at putting former Long Island shelter residents on a path to permanent housing. 

Philip Mangano, President of the American Round Table to Abolish Homelessness and former "Homelessness Czar," under pPresident Bush's  tells WGBH News that although the city has taken some valuable steps towards servicing its homeless populations, Boston needs to take steps towards solving homelessness.   

“It’s 'old school' to simply shuffle homeless people around the city or to cycle them through homeless programs,” Mangago said. 

He says Boston may need to look to other cities to find innovative and solution-oriented ideas to eradicate homelessness.

“There's not one problem we face in homelessness that hasn’t been resolved somewhere. We just need those ideas to be rapidly disseminated - rapidly spread -around our country,” he said.