• Sony has pulled the film "The Interview" from release. Yesterday we asked you if you'd still see it, today we find out what you think of Sony's decision not to let you. 
  • Heather Goldstone weighs in on Lima's climate summit and recent research trying to pin down just how unusual extreme events (like Hurricane Sandy and the California drought) really are. [31:06]
  • Governor Deval Patrick stops by Studio 3 for the last time. He takes your calls, and a special one from an old friend in Washington, DC. [53:05]  >>Read more here.
  • Alex Beam discusses why he is not the strangest person Jim has ever met, and gives you his take on the Sony hacking story and the decline of 'the Lumberjack.' [1:51:12]
  • Jonathon Alsophosts a deviled egg off between Jared Bowen, Margery Eagan, and Callie Crossley. Tweet or email us your favorite deviled recipes! [2:16:35]