Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had coffee with The Scrum podcast this week. Walsh spoke about why Mayor Menino's passing has changed the way he feels about his job, some of the challenges he's faced his first year on the job, and how race relations in Boston has changed.

Walsh also talked up the possibility of a Boston Olympics in 2024 (11:52), saying he hasn't heard much criticism about the idea:

I don't think necessarily we need a vote on it... (13:33) I've seen polling numbers where the majority of Bostonians are in favor of the Olympics. They're excited about the possibility of the Olympics. I haven't really heard from other than a few people from No Olympics that have said they're opposed to it. We're not building a nuclear power plant in the city of Boston, we're talking about hosting the Olympics which has long-lasting positive effects after the Olympics are here in a positive way."

He also addressed criticism for the way he's handled the closing of the Long Island homeless shelter. (14:25)

My heart is huge. I have so much compassion for people that have addiction problems and homeless problems. Some of the advocates advocating on behalf of people clearly don't know who I am or my record.

They haven't come to me, a lot of these advocates. And I don't see these advocates in City Hall fighting for funding. I didn't see these advocates at the State House walking the halls during budget session when just about every homeless program in the Commonwelath of Massachusetts was in my office. So, I got frustrated about them. (...)

I keep hearing these so-called advocates out there— who are they? Step up. And don’t Twitter, or don’t Facebook. Give me a call and let’s have a conversation, because my door’s open."

Listen to the full conversation with Walsh above.

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