Need something to listen to this Thanksgiving weekend? Try actor Alec Baldwin's podcast "Here's The Thing," which returns to WNYC this holiday season. Boston Public Radio host Margery Eagan chatted with Baldwin about everything from life in the limelight to the media's handling of celebrity to the changing identity of the Catholic Church.

Baldwin has built up a controversial reputation over the years, which he attributed to a media environment that is quick to pounce on any and every celebrity controversy.

"The world we live in now is a world of judgment. Everybody puts on a powdered wig and they have a trial and they find you guilty of whatever they find you guilty of, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing," he said.

Baldwin lamented what he described as the media latching on relentlessly to the worst moments in a person's life, no matter what the context was. "Sometimes people do things, myself included, that are ill-advised, that are offensive. Whether they do things in a fit of anxiety, it doesn't matter," he said.

Whatever you may think of him, one thing's for certain: he's not in denial about the way many may think of him.

"Whatever I've done, deliberately or indeliberately, that people want to judge me for, they have every right to that opinion," he said.  

To hear more from actor Alec Baldwin—including his thoughts on the Catholic Church and wool sweaters from Fall River, Massachusetts—tune in to the full interview on Boston Public Radio above.