• Charlie Sennottjoins us live from Belfast where he's covering the annual peace conference held by UMAss professor Padraig O'Malley. He discusses the conference, and the experience of his colleague, James Foley, as a captive of the Islamic State. 
  • The Boston Globe's editorial staff endorsed Charlie Baker in the governor's race. Joanna Weiss and Jack Sullivan join us to discuss why and weigh in on other local races. [25:50]
  • Are non profit institutions like Harvard University paying their fair share? We talk to you to find out.[53:10]
  • TV and cultural critic Bob Thompson chats about why 'Breaking Bad' is in the news again, why everyone is excited that 'Gilmore Girls' is on Netflix, and whether it's time for the 'Daily Show' to call it a day. [1:19:05]
  • We rev up your Monday with reverends Emmett Smith III and Irene Monroe on "Pope Francis watch," and black comedy. [1:46:15]
  • Finally, we host our ballot question three debate with former Attorney General,  Scott Harshbarger(pro repeal) and Mike Mathis, CEO of MGM Springfield (anti repeal). Then we talk to you to see what you think. [2:11:30]