• John King joined us for a survey of the political field for the GOP, and made a few predictions of his own. 
  • It's finally here! Jim and Margery are hosting the WGBH News/Boston Globe debate tonight at 7PM on WGBH 2. We got all your questions in under the wire. [27:36]
  • Even if she doesn't support "boots on the ground" in the Middle East, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas wants to make sure they are American-made. She discusses her efforts in this regard, and her continued work to stop sexual assault in the military. [53:10]
  • Nancy Koehn stopped by to weigh in on Whole Food's new "value is inseparable from value" campaign, and help us understand why a new generation of Americans are voting their values with their dollar. [1:14:06] We talk to you about what values spend more money on, and why? [1:38:24]
  • Chuck Todd checked in with us about the New Hampshire Senate debate tonight at 8PM and hosting Meet the Press. [1:58:55]
  • Tom Silva and Richard Trethewey, hosts of This Old House, dropped by to take our questions, and yours! [2:15:30]