The Republican candidate for Massachusetts governor is making a big pitch to women, but he has a lot of work to do.

Recent polls show Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley has a 20 point lead on Republican Charlie Baker with women. In Baker’s first run for governor in 2010, he lost that key demographic by 24 points.

This time around, Baker chose a woman as his running mate, former State Representative Karyn Polito. And Baker's wife Lauren and 17-year-old daughter Caroline are campaigning for him.

Caroline is seen in a TV ad for Baker, discussing his moderate positions:

“You’re totally pro-choice and bipartisan,” she says in the ad.

That argument is close to winning over Elaine White, who says she often votes for Democrats but attended a "Women for Charlie” event on Thursday.

“Because Charlie Baker’s social agenda really does— there are some liberal leanings there. Certainly matches Martha Coakley’s agenda. That got me to look at him.”

 Martha Walz is president of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts and a member of Coakley’s Women’s Leadership Council:

“I don’t think Charlie Baker’s strategy will be successful,” she said. "Women can see that Martha Coakley has prioritized the improvement of their lives and economic security throughout her career."

That wasn't enough in the 2010 special election for U.S. Senate .Polls showed Coakley leading Scott Brown among women by single digits and still lost. The lesson from that for Charlie Baker: he doesn't have to win Massachusetts women, he just has to narrow the margin.

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