Development was the topic of the hour with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who was joined by Ted Landsmark, during Boston Public Radio's monthly "Ask the Mayor" segment.

Right before he joined BPR on Tuesday afternoon, Marty Walsh announced that Landsmark will join the Board of Directors at the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

Also in this hour:

21:45: On changes and audits at the BRA.

31:15: Undocumented kids in Boston schools: "The concern is as we're making gains in our school system, and with an infusion of kids that haven't been to school in America before and that don't speak English, that's not going to help our schools. So, we really have to identify these young people and put the supports around them."

32:30: His trip to Colorado to talk Boston Olympics 2024 "I think we are in the running, actually"

36:50: 'What they're doing at Market Basket is accomplishing exactly what Occupy wanted to accomplish, but they didn't."

37:55: Casinos

45:12: On the disparity between the way black and white murders are solved.

49:30: Casting doubt on the jury's verdict in the case of the Mass. Probation Department's John O'Brien: “I thought it was a sad day for Massachusetts. That’s why people aren’t going into politics today... this whole case seemed a little bizarre."