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A powerful tornado with winds up to 120 mph cut a two mile path through Revere during morning rush hour on Monday, leaving a trail of destruction but no serious injuries, Revere officials said.

Survey results for Revere, MA tornado. Max wind speed of 120 mph, 2 mile path length, 3/8 mile width. https://t.co/pkkpPQZaFb

"Given the magnitude of the storm it's really a miracle that no one sustained serious injuries," Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo said during a Monday afternoon press conference.

The EF 2 tornado caused partial building and roof collapses, downed trees and blocked roads, officials said. Broadway, the city's central business district, was most seriously affected, as were many homes surrounding the area. Rizzo said that 65 structures experienced significant damage, and 13 were uninhabitable. 

Close to the intersection of Rte 16 and Broadway residents stood outside their homes in a daze. Street lamps were bent, power lines are down and trees are split in half, blocking the street and the walkways to homes. Residents of condemned homes tried to grab as much as they could given the limitations before heading off to stay at friends homes.

The entire roof of Paul Carrabes’ home was torn off in the tornado, which residents described as having come and gone in 30 seconds.

"No injuries, which is the most important thing, but it’s kind of devastation. Sixty years the house has been here in the family," he said. 

Strips of metal roofing from Cronin Skating Rink, were strewn across the neighborhood. Elaine Hardy was mystified—and grateful that her home was untouched.

"It’s incredible how a force can come through and thank god, miss my house," she said. "Not that I want it to hit their houses, but couldn’t it stay a little bit further out?"

The storm moved through the Boston area shortly after 9 a.m., prompting the weather service to issue a tornado warning for portions north of the city. Meteorologist Kim Buttrick from the weather service said the warning was issued when rotation was seen within the storm.

The Revere officials said they were aware that a flash flood warning had been issued for their city, but not a tornado warning.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

Residents took to social media to share pictures from the storm: