Market Basket publicly imploded this week, but didn't pull everything into its maw — this is what the week looked like from the WGBH Newsroom.

Greater Boston talked about the long-term effect of the Market Basket conflict on the store's brand.

• Dan Kennedylamented the Providence Journal's sale to GateHouse as a missed opportunity to return it to local ownership.

• Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich joined Greater Boston to talk about how the U.S. should respond to the series of recent foreign policy crises.

• Guilty! Guilty Guilty! Peter Kadzis explained the three verdicts returned in the probation scandal trial.

• "It's not like we're pals."- Gov. Deval Patrick, on Boston Public Radio, regarding rumored 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

• And, in the most-viewed story of the week, Rupa Shenoy reported on the canals that Boston may need to build to fend off coastal floods.

• If you haven't already checked it out, WGBH News has a new politics and media podcast called The Scrum. Check it out here.

That'll do it — see you Monday.