Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick joined Boston Public Radio hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan for his monthly "Ask the Governor" segment on Thursday. Full audio above. Time codes below. 

00:04:25: "Nobody has proposed bringing these undocumented children into Massachusetts neighborhoods. We talked about a temporary facility that is secure (...) there ought to be a human and appropriate setting for them to wait while that's being done." 

00:06:00: On Mass.  facilities for immigrant children "We're not going to run it! We aren't saying we will run something, and you will pay for it." 

00:16:15- 00:19:20: On Market Basket: "It's a pretty dysfunctional family, and that's not going to be solved by this governor or any other governor intervening." 

00:21:30ish: New legislation would tighten gun control laws further in Mass. 

00:24:30: The next riveting chapter in solar power 

00:25:45: Making a "compelling, practical" case for the Olympics in Boston

00:029:30: "I'd probably vote against it."- on marijuana legalization; Patrick says he never smoked pot when he was a scholar at Harvard. He said he had his vices but they weren't beer or marijuana

00:31:02: On DeLeo, probation trial.

00:46:00: On Hillary Clinton: "There is an air of inevitability around her candidacy and the worry about that is that that can be interpreted by people as entitlement, and that's off-putting to folks. I think folks want you to sweat for it." 

00:54:20: "Most people don't hear me to be saying that the violence in Central America is the same as the Holocaust."