Take a break from scary international news this weekend to catch up on what's going on at home — this is what the week looked like from the WGBH Newsroom.

• Cristina Quinn reported on the parking spot-selling app Haystack, and why Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doesn't like it.

• Cambridge city councilor Nadeem Mazen told Greater Boston about the city's plan for an alternative to cable/Internet provider Comcast.

• Edgar B. Herwick III explained why a certain lucky few international refugees get to resettle in Massachusetts.

• Anne Mostue reported on the potential boon a long awaited sound stage opening in Devens could bring to the Massachusetts film industry.

• Meanwhile, Adam Reilly, noting the sizable state outlay per film-industry job, wondered if Boston should love Hollywood as much as Hollywood loves Boston.

Have a good weekend — we'll see you Monday.